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General knowledge about firearms?

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Name the caliber in which the beretta M92 is chambered
Most common firearm in the world
Only country with a firearm on its flag
What does the AR in AR-15 stand for?
The media claimed the Orlando shooter used an AR-15 however, this was false the shooter actually used?
What is the standard capacity of a STANAG magazine?
Country of origin of FS2000?
Country with greatest gun ownership per capita?
What intermediate caliber is used by NATO rifles?
How many rounds per minute can a standard M16 or M4 rifle fire?
What does BMG stand for when referring to .50 BMG
With what caliber did Corporal of Horse Craig Harrison make the worlds furthest confirmed kill at 2,475 meters?
What year was the 30-06 cartridge adopted by the US military?
What year was the Krag–Jørgensen rifle designed?
What rifle is commonly referred to as the first assault rifle?
Which rifle was the main battle rifle of the United States during the Second World War?
The M3 submachine gun was adopted by the US during WWII, it was cheaper to produce than the Thompson. However what was its nickname?
What model Glock has been adopted as the NATO standard?
Which country sends astronauts into space with guns in order to protect them from bears incase they land off course?

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