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Sees Hedwig die while in a motorbike
Gets his wand stolen in his grave
Deranged cousin kills him
Had to many classes so she goes back in time
Flies car will twin brothers to save Harry
Splits soul into his favorite tiara
Professional quiditch player who took Hermione to the yule ball
Dies during the Tri-Wizard
Ron's sister in law who he ask to the yule ball in his 4th year
Kills Voldemort's last horcrux
Tries to change water into rum
Gets eternal bleeding in a bathroom fight
Dies for Voldemort can feel better about his wand
Gets kidnapped by Tom Riddle
Finds Harry stunned in a train by Malfoy
The first wizard who told harry he is a wizard
Hinds in the Shrinking Shack while in Hogwarts because of his condition
Former house elf of the Malfoys
Professor at hogwarts who is half cat
Dies with her werewolf husband
The only weasley child who worked at the Ministry of Magic
Force to tell Umbridge about Dumbledores Army
Killed by Molly Weasley
Dies trying to save his son from Voldemort
The caretaker a Hogwarts
Sent by the ministry to frame Dumbledore
Gets in a fight with Arthur Weasley
Hagrids Present to Harry in the first movie
Dies holding her son
And all that was left was a finger
'The wand choses the wizard Harry'
Lupin son and Harry's Grandson
Died and had his eye put on a door
Lord Voldemorts trusted and faithful pet
The werewolf weasley
The twin that lost and ear
The twin that lost his life:'(
The mother of the Weasleys
The father of the Weasleys
The first DADA Teacher

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