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Can you name the modern comedy movie by its quote (movies from the year 2000 and later)?

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Forced Order
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Movie QuoteName
AH... Kelly Clarkson!
So, you guys on MySpace?
Did, umm... did Caesar live here?
You white, then you Ben Affleck.
Cause I'm in the dumpster already!
You sound like you're from London!
Milk was a bad choice.
Not even if there's a fire!
What's up with it, Vanilla face?
Hey Mom! The Meatloaf! We want it now!
Dolce and Gabbana, hallo.
I love you bro Montana.
You're going down like a sweet muffin!
Movie QuoteName
What a beautiful chocolate man!
Daddy is not coming on anything!
You look like Babe Ruth's gay brother, Gabe Ruth.
Are you mad you died at the end of Die Hard?
Pick and roll! Outlet! Outlet! Rain Dance!
What is this? A center for ants?
We're going up the quad and to the gymnasium!
Did you kill a cheetah?
Here's a fun fact: You made out with your sister, man!
Iverson just missed the shot, Sixers lose. Who cares?
Because you went to the bathroom on mommy's dishes?
It's a race! It's a race! I am winning!

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