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Can you name the words that have the same two letters at the beggining and the end?

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Bunny ears that are on a lot of old tv sets
After 30 telling the waiter you aren't ready you need to hurry up and _______
Qualifying for something
Used to vanquish pencil markings
Dwight hides this in a malard
This can help your Pikachu and your iphone
A compilation of seasons
The birthday where most jewish boys have their bar mitzvah
If this is a fruit then is ketchup a smoothie?
What you do when you get old and want to be a pain on society
people renting a space
leaving a sticky note is a perfect ______
if something is gone over and changes are made to it
many believe that after graduating college you are _____
a gun that is great for russian roulette
to imprison, then let go, then imprison again
to dull down
Ron burgundy is a ______ of the news

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