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Can you name the The Underworld & Roman Gods?

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In the Odyssey where is the Underworld located?
Tartarus is the prison for the _ of the Earth
The path is where the river Acheron pours into
The gates to Tartarus are made of
The gates is guarded by
One of the three judges is
The name of the river of fire is
Where, according to Virgil to the Erinyes live?
Pan was the son of
He loved - where he was born best
Silenus was either the son or brother of-
He rode a(n)
Out of Castor and Pollux who was considered to be divine?
what does Dioscouri mean?
Who killed Castor?
Who stabbed Lynceus?
What is the Latin name of the North Wind?
Who is the father of the Gorgons?
Where do the Graiae live?
which of the Fates assigned a man's destiny?
Other than Vulcan what is a roman name for Hephaestus?
What is another latin name for Dionysus than Bacchus?
which of the Numina was in charge of fertility?
Who is the wife of Saturn?
During peace what were the doors on janus's temple like?
This happened only three during the first- years of the city
Who were the Roman satyrs?
What is the name of the deified Romulus?
Who did Egeria teach?
What is an epiphet of both Juno and Diana?

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