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Can you figure out the answers made by combining 3 well known books, movies, TV shows, songs or video games?

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A beautiful yet melancholy composition written by the pumpkin king of Halloween Town.
(Song + Video Game + Movie)
Clint Eastwood stars as a boy wizard turned cop who is compelled to appear in court by an ace attorney.
(Movie + Book + Video Game)
In the penal system of dystopian London, grunge music is out and steampunk fruit is in.
(Movie + TV Show + Song)
A legend of a supernatural hound is investigated by renowned space pilot Mr McCloud.
(Video Game + Movie + Book)
BBC presents the story of a time traveler who must correct his mistakes after he accidentally unleashes a pack of stowaway hyenas in downtown London.
(TV Show + Song + Movie)
Tolstoy's epic tale about a freestyle hip hop artist and his apotheosis to the throne of Ares.
(Song + Video Game + Book)
Scarlett O'Hara and her four animal friends reminisce about their friends and loved ones that have left them.
(Song + Movie + Book)
This long-running western follows a group of rabbits after escaping from the wreckage of the USS Watership, which has been set ablaze in a naval strike.
(TV Show + Song + Book)
This Shakespearean comedy revolves around a group of people struggling to survive in a mall nearly a fortnight after the dead begin to rise.
(Play + Movie + Video Game)
Will Smith stars as the voice of Buck, the pet dog of the new president-elect, who must learn to adapt in the cutthroat atmosphere of Washington DC.
(Book + Movie + TV Show)

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