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Joseph L. Mankiewicz1958
Marshall Thompson1964
Russ Meyer1965
Will Zens1966
John Wayne1968
Bob Clark1972
Elia Kazan1972
Jeremy Kagan1977
Sidney J. Furie1977
Hal Ashby1978
Michael Cimino1978
Karel Reisz1978
Ted Post1978
Francis Ford Coppola1979
Tom Jeffrey1979
Antonio Margheriti1980
Lyndon James Swift1981
Ted Kotcheff1982
Ann Hui1982
Ted Kotcheff1983
Joseph Zito1984
Sidney J. Furie1984
Lance Hool1985
George P. Cosmatos1985
Samvel Gasparov1985
Buddy Giovinazzo1986
Oliver Stone1986
Stanley Kubrick1987
Barry Levinson1987
John Irvin1987
Lionel Chetwynd1987
Aaron Norris1988
Christopher Crowe1988
Aaron Norris1988
Peter Markle1988
Brian Trenchard-Smith1989
David Jones1989
Brian De Palma1989
Oliver Stone1989
Roger Spottiswoode1990
Adrian Lyne1990
John Milius1991
Pierre Schoendoerffer1992
Oliver Stone1993
Robert Zemeckis1994
Hughes brothers1995
Simon Wincer1995
Terry George1998
Joel Schumacher2000
Sidney J. Furie2001
Phillip Noyce2002
Randall Wallace 2002
Werner Herzog2006

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