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What is Article 101 TFEU specifically aim to prohibit
Which two cases provide the definition for 'undertaking'
In Hofner & Else, an undertaking was deemed to include every entity engaged in ...
MOTOE affirmed that the company need not be what?
The definition for what constitutes an 'agreement' can be found in which case?
The key element of the two firms conducting themselves in a certain way is they both share...what?
Which case supports the following forms of agreement between undertakings? Oral agreements:
Gentlemen's Agreements
Tacit Acquiescence
But NOT unilateral conduct - case:
In the Cementhandelaren case what type of decision was also deemed part of Article 101? Non-binding...
Which case confirmed the above; stating that non-binding recommendations may fall under 101
Which case provides the leading definition of 'concerted practice'?
Which case warned against assuming too easily that parallel behaviour was concerted practice?
What must an agreement, decision or concerted practice do to breach Article 101?
What case stated that even the 'potential' to affect trade is sufficient for a breach?
And as the final element of Collusion, what must this agreement/decision/concerted effect have as its object or effect?
Which case asserted that 'object' is determined by looking at the agreement's purpose?
That the purpose is to be determined objectively:
It is sufficient that the agreement is capable of resulting in the prevention, restriction or distortion of competition
And that this may be indirect
Which case provided guidance on the interpretation of the word 'effect'?
Which case formulated the rule of reason defence for collusion?
Which subsequent case followed a similar approach?
Which case then denied the rule of reason defence?
Which case provided the de minimis defence?
In the Notice on Agreements of Minor Importance the Commission stated that horizontal agreements between undertakings must not have an aggregate market share exceeding:
Vertical agreements?
What type of agreements may be exempted under Regulation 330/2010?
Which case provided that damages may be awarded by a national court for losses casued by a contract or by conduct which infringed Article 101?
What are the two positive obligations that Article 101(3) sets out? Must...
What are the negative obligations? Must not..
Which case reinforced Crehan?
What, specifically, is Article 102 TFEU prohibiting
Which case set out the steps required to determine what constitutes a 'dominant position'?
What must first be identified?
What must then be determined for the second step?
What does RPM stand for?
What does th RPM attempt to determine?
What elements make up the markers for demand substitution?
What is a good example of a case based on the characteristics of the product?
What does SSNIP stand for?
Supply substitutability means the ability to switch production to the relevant product and market them without incurring..?
A key example of the importance of supply substitability can be found with which case on metal containers?
This can be contrasted with which case on replacement tyres?
The Microsoft case was an example of low or high substitutability?
Under Article 102 TFEU the relevant market must be what?
In Hilti what was the RGM?
In Michelin I what was the RGM
In Sealink what was the RGM?
What is the key case with regards to the RTM?
What case provides an example of market share determining dominance?
What case provides an example of IP rights determining dominance?
What was the determining factor in Hoffmann-La Roche?
What other factor was crucial in this case?
Brand identification?
What are the two types of market abuse?
Which two cases provide examples of predatory pricing - as an example of abusive behaviour
What case is an example of a refusal to supply?
What case is an exemple of excessively high prices? (Not UB)
Unfair terms?
Which case affirmed that the potential to affect trade is sufficient?
Which case affirmed that the trade affected must be between member states?

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