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Who does Article provide freedom of movement for specifically?
Which regulation supplements this treaty article?
Which two groups of people does this regulation specifically confer rights upon?
Which Directive supplements the article?
What does this directive deal primarily with? (groups of people)
Which case denied that worker was to be defined by national law, and instead gave it a Union meaning?
Which case defined the two key features of an 'employment relationship'?
What are the two features?
Which case defined gainful employment as one that involves: a) performing services b)under the direction of another c)for remuneration?
Which case defined economic activity?
To be 'effective and genuine' what must the activity NOT be?
Which case involved the following? Music teacher (on benefits)
A member of a religious community:
A drug addict on a rehabilitation programme (they did NOT class as a worker under Article 45)
An individual on a reintegration programme
Which case stated that those that have lost there job and are capable of finding another are also protected by Article 45?
Which case extended this to jobseekers in general?
Which case confirmed that jobseekers may move freely looking for employment, but only 'for a reasonable amount of time' (six months)?
However according to 14(4)(b) if the following two criteria are satisfied the national cannot be expelled:
Which Article codified the concept of Union Citizenship?
Which case stated that union citizenship is destined to be the fundamental status of nationals?
Article 2(1) of Directive 2004/38 defines a union citizen as:
Directive 2004/3 states that a family member means:
Which two other groups of people are included in the 'other beneficiaries' paragraph of Art. 3?
Under the articles of Directive 2004/38 where would one find the right of exit?
Right of entry?
Right of residence (up to 3 months)
What must an individual be in order to lose their right of residence?
Which article governs the right of residence for any period exceeding 3 months?
Who does 7(1)(a) confer a right to reside upon
7(1)(b)? Those with...
Which case provides that a separation from a Union citizen does not mean expulsion as long as the marriage has not been dissolved?
Which article determines the rights for individuals who are divorced?
Death or departure of union citizen?
Article 16 of the directive provides Union citizens and family members the right to permanent residence once they have legally resided in the host MS for a period of ....?
This right can only be lost through absence from the host MS for a continuous period exceeding...?
On top of the right to stay and move freely within the territory of a MS what other rights does Article 45 TFEU provide?
Which case provides an example of direct discrimination (which is prohibited)
Which case affirmed that indirect discrimination would also be prohibited?
Which cases illustrated that indirect discrimination is possibly justified according to objective justifications?
Which cases provide examples where non-discriminatory obstacles have also been outlawed under Article 45:
Which article of Directive 38 confers the right to work on Union citizen's family members?
Which case confirmed this?
Which Article (and sub-article) of regulation 492/2011 provides that a worker who is a national of a member state shall enjoy the same social benefits as national workers?
Jobseekers are not to be classed as workers under this article.Case:
Which case stated that Article 7(2) includes: ALL social and tax advantages, where or not attached to the contract of employment?
Name the case: Discretionary childbirth loans
Minimum income allowance:
Funeral Expenses benefits
Family members alone can qualify for these rights. Case:
Which case opened up union citizens to the same social benefits as workers and family members under Article 45
Which two articles were used in combination to justify this?
Which case - involving a student studying in Belgium - confirmed this?
Which case applied the same rules as above to the right of union citizens to reside?
Which case stated that while a Jobseeker cannot rely on Article 7(2) may be able to rely on union citizenship?
Which case provides a definition of vocational schools: 'establishments which provide only instruction interposed between periods of employment'
Which case established the right of access to vocational training?
Which case confirmed that university education will generally satisfy the definition of vocational training?
Name the two fundamental cases for educational grants:
Article 10 of Regulation 492/2011 provides that the children of a migrant worker shall have the same access to education as nationals providing they....?
This was extended to educational grants in which case?
This was further extended to situations in which the children remain and the parents leave...case:
According to which case is general education to be included in the scope of the treaty - due to union citizenship?
Which case extended this to maintenance grants etc?
Which case justified the obligation that the individual must prove to have integrated into society to receive the grant ?
Where can one find the detailed rules governing the public policy and public security derogations for the free movement of workers?
Which case provided that national measures must be based exclusively on the personal conduct of the individual concerned?
Which two cases confirmed that the deportation MUST NOT be arbitrary
Which case affirmed that the deportation must not be effected as a means to deter others
Which case stated that past convictions are insufficient grounds in themselves to deport?
And that the individual must represent a genuine threat to fundamental societal interests?
Where are detailed rules on the public service exemption?
The provisions of Article 45 shall not apply to whom? Those employed in...
Name the first key case of the public service exemption case law history:
Which case stated that lical authorities were exempted but nurses/railway workers and teachers were not?
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