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What two things does Article 30 forbid?
Which case provided the definition for 'goods'?
What fundamental element do Steiner & Woods identify in their definition of a customs duty? A charge levied...
Which case defined a CEE?
True or false: A charge will NOT be classed as a CEE if it is a trivial amount
True or false: Sociaal Fonds voor der Diamandarbeiders provides an example of a LAWFUL charge imposed on an import.
Which case provided for charges that fall outside of Article 30?
Of the 3 clauses, the first relates to a general system of:
Which case affirmed that a lawful service rendered to the importer must be at their request?
The need for the importer to benefit from this 'service' was first set out in Statistical Levy - which subsequent case echoed it?
Finally, according to Statistical Levy, what must the charge be to satisfy the third criteria?
The third clause refers to charges for inspections to fulfil what?
Which case affirmed that a harge for an inspection was not a CEE where the obligation to inspect had been imposed on all MS's by an international treaty?
What does Article 110 TFEU specifically apply to?
What type of taxation does it prohibit?
Which case confirmed that this article could have direct effect?
The scope for taxes that fall under Art. 110 was laid out in which case?
The definition stated that the article relates to 'a general system of INTERNAL dues...irrespective of...' what?
To distinguish between a CEE and internal tax the court stated in which case that a charge which was systematically applied to both imported and domestic products = tax??
Which case established the test for similarity of products?
Criteria 1 = similar characteristics at:
Criteria 2 = meet the same NEEDS from p.o.v. of...whom?
Name the famous case that asserted than grape wine and fruit wine were similar:
This is contrasted with which case concerning whisky and fruit wine:
The two differed in terms of what 'type' of properties
Two types of discrimination:
One distinctive case of indirect discriminatin involved French and German car engines:
Contrasted with which case?
Give a notable example of direct discrimination
Which case set out the principles for determining whether indirect discrimination can be objectively justified?
The test for determining when Article 110(2) applies (non-similar products) is to be found in which case?
The article applies when goods are not similar but are in what kind(s) of competition?
In which case was the UK caught under this article for imposing a higher rate of tax on wine than on beer?
Which case reiterated the importance of the 'potential' effect on consumer behaviour?
Who is bound by Article 34/35 - prohibition of quanititative restrictions on imports and MEQRs?
Which case defined a 'quantitative restriction'?
WhWhich type of quantitative restriction is the case of R v Henn & Derby an example of?
WhWhich type of quantitative restriction is the case of International Fruit an example of?
MEQR's can be split into two types:
Which directive forms one of two sources for the definition of an MEQR?
Which key case forms the other major source?
This case states that any MEQR consists of: all trading rules.. capable of ...'?
Distinctly applicable MEQR - making imports more costly - Case:
Distinctly applicable MEQR - Promoting domestic goods - Case(s):
Distinctly applicable MEQR - Restricting channels for imports - Case:
Which case established that indistinctly applicable measures could also fall into the Dassonville definition of an MEQR?
In Cassis de Dijon, two fundamental (though contradictrory principles) were formulated:
Which article (TFEU) provides defences for these restrictions?
Provide examples for the following: Public morality
Public security
Public policy
Protection of health/humans/animals
What is the informal name for the mandatory requirements defence?
Give a key example of mutual recognition case law
This is contrasted with another case where the mandatory requirements defence could not defeat the mutual recognition principle
Which test is used for selling arrangements?
Tankstation involved Dutch rules obliging petrol stations to close at night. Did this fall into Article 34? Y/N
What are the two rules in the Keck test that need to be satisfied in order to avoid Article 34?
De Agostini involved a Swedish ban on what?
Gourmet International was a case involving an MEQR based on the advertising of what in magazines?
Which case - involving adverts for property to be auctioned from an insolvent estate?
In the Mars case, a promotional design on the wrapper, was deemed not a selling arrangement but an MEQR instead. Why?
Familiapress involved a competition in a magazine to win big money prizes, though deemed an MEQR it was saved by which mandatory requirement?
Which article deals with restrictions on exports?

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