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Shot in the heart with an arrow by Jon Snow in a mercy killing, after Melisandre attempted to burn him aliveThe Wars to Come
Beheaded by Daario Naharis with an Arakh on Daenerys’ orders, for killing a defenceless prisoner The House of Black and White
Flayed Alive off-screen by Ramsey BoltonHigh Sparrow
Flayed Alive off-screen by Ramsey BoltonHigh Sparrow
Beheaded by Jon Snow with Longclaw for insubordination High Sparrow
Stabbed in the back by members of the Sons of HarpySons of the Harpy
Devoured by Viserion and RhaegalKill the Boy
Poisoned in a mercy killing by Arya Stark Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
Died peacefully of natural causes in Sam and Gilly’s armsThe Gift
Beaten to death by Tormund with his own staff Hardhome
Stabbed in the stomach by a White Walker Lieutenant with an ice bladeHardhome
Torn apart by a pack of wights Hardhome
Burned alive by Melisandre, on Stannis’ ordersThe Dance of Dragons
Stabbed by members of the Sons of HarpyThe Dance of Dragons
Hanged herself shortly after her daughter’s deathMother’s Mercy
Slashed by Stannis Baratheon with his sword LightbringerMother’s Mercy
Stabbed in the neck by Stannis Baratheon with a daggerMother’s Mercy
Beheaded by Brienne of Tarth with her sword Oathbreaker, as revenge for Renly’s deathMother’s Mercy
Thrown off a rampart by Theon Greyjoy after attempting to kill SansaMother’s Mercy
Throat sliced open by Arya Stark with a dagger after she stabbed him multiple timesMother’s Mercy
Poisoned by Ellaria Sand as revenge for Oberyn’s deathMother’s Mercy
Stabbed in the chest by Alliser Thorne, Othell Yarwyck, Bowen Marsh and Olly. He is later resurrected in the episode Home by Melisandre Mother’s Mercy

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