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Can you name the Pretty Little Liars Characters Massive Chain?

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Super Smart. Boyfriend is a cop
Great Photographer. Boyfriend was her teacher
Used to Be a Swimmer. Bisexual
Rosewood's 'It Girl'. Boyfriend is a techno genious
Liar Liar Pants on fire. Leader of the Pack
Former 'A'
Spencer's Cop Boyfriend
The Girls' old English Teacher
Emily's most recent Girlfriend
Hanna's tech Genious Boyfriend
Spencer's Mum
Spencer's Dad
Spencer's Sister
Aria's Mum
Aria's Dad
Aria's Sister
Emily's Mum
Emily's Dad
Hanna's Mum
Hanna's Dad
Alison's Mum
Alison's Dad
Alison's Brother and Spencer's Half Brother
Mona's Mum
Toby's Mum
Toby's Stepsister
Ezra's Brother
Melissa's Husband
Rosewood's Romantic British Doctor
Club Worker/ Spencer's Ex
Rosewood's Coolest Creep who owns a cabin
Emily's Last Boy love
Emily's one true love who died
One Of Emily's lovers, met when helping Paige
Hanna's 'It Girl' phase Boyfriend
Dead Cop
Rosewood's Creep and Hanna's Friend
Dead Detective
Aria's Childhood Friend
Ezra's Ex
Rosewood's go-to Psychiatrist
Hanna's evil Stepsister
Hanna's Step-Mom
Maya's true north love
The person who broke up Aria's parents
Ali's Childhood Bestfriend
Rosewood's Leading Detective

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