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Can you name the trivia about the books The Hunger Games?

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Who wrote The Hunger Games
What is Gale's nickname for Katniss?
What two things does President Snow smell like?
What flower gives Katniss hope after Peeta gives her bread?
How does Boggs die?
What game do they play to help Peeta restore his memory?
Who shows Katniss the flaw in the force fields?
How does Finnick die?
Where does Haymitch live?
How many Hunger Games are there in all?
How does Peeta know that some memories are false?
Name an obstacle in the clock arena
Who's bomb is possibly to blame for Prim's death?
Who does Finnick marry?
What animal does Greasy Sae use to make stew
Who becomes an avox trying to help Gale during a whipping?
Who poisoned people in order to keep power?
What song did Katniss' mother tell her to stop singing as a child?
What is Katniss favorite food from the Capitol
What sound signaled a death in the arena?

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