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Forced Order
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DescriptionTermAdditional Info
The cards dealt to a player are cards that are in the...
A statistical term often used to describe the 'swings' a player experiences
In live play, to discard the top card of the deck before dealing a street
The act of investing more money in a cash game, to replenish your stack (usually to 100BBs)
To invest in another player for a % of their winnings
In live play, to throw a bet over the current pot so that the total is made ambiguous
When a player is all-in and ahead, but a card comes down to scare them/give their opponent more outs they are in a...
To call on the flop with nothing with the intention of bluffing the next street
To call with multiple bets (i.e. bet and a raise or raise and a reraise) in front
A player who is proven or perceived to be strong
The last card of a particular rank left in the deck is called the ___ card
To call preflop in an unraised pot
When the BB collects the pot by all players folding to them
To put in a raise with the intention of chasing everyone out of the pot but one player
To call from the small blind for just half the BB more
To call a bet after another player has already called
An amount taken from the pot by the house as a fee for playing
DescriptionTermAdditional Info
When the board is all different suits
When a card comes on a street that doesn't change anything about the board it is a...
To move all-in
When a player has put in a lot of their stack already and can't conceivably fold they are...
To call a raise out of the BB
To call out of position with the intention of betting at a good flop
A physical/verbal action that may give away information about a person's holding
The situation in a tournament where all players have shallow stacks and so short term luck precides over skill is a...
Extra money paid during a specific period to receive more chips for your stack
The third raise of a street of play
The money you can statistically anticipate winning from a particular play
An inherent flaw in a player's game that loses them money in the long term
To watch/observe a table of players
A tournament where the only way to advance is to beat all players at your table
A tournament where the winners receive a ticket to another, more high profile tournament
To deliberate over an easy decision for no good reason
To put in a blind raise under the gun, in order to get more action on the hand.
Three of a kind with a pocket pair in the hole
When a card falls that renders your hand very weak/useless
To make a call with a very weak holding based on very favourable pot odds
In live play, to put the chips in to call then reach behind the betting line for more chips to raise

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