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Forced Order
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DescriptionTermAdditional Info
Describes 9-handed play
Position to the right of the button
Position two to the right of the button
To bet more than is in the pot
To bet into the initial raiser/aggressor of the previous street
To bet/raise on a draw
To bet on the flop after raising before it
To make a small bet in order to reduce the cost of a showdown with a marginal hand
To put in the third bet (second raise) of the current street
A generally loose player who calls too often or plays too many marginal/bad hands
A very tight player who only plays premium hands
A player who will call on multiple streets with weak hands regularly
The situation where players are one knockout away from cashing a tournament
A straight draw where only one rank of card will complete it
A 'blind' posted by all players at the table
The potential that your bet has to induce a fold
The name for the straight A2345
The straight TJQKA, or the group of cards that are ten or higher
A very small bet that deliberately gives your opponent great odds to call
A bet designed to extract the most money from your opponent's range of hands
Your current stack divided by the starting amount of the pot (all blinds)
To represent weakness with a strong hand to get more value
To call with a relatively weak holding out of not wanting to be bluffed or because of a particularly strong read
DescriptionTermAdditional Info
When you're facing a raise with a player who has shown strength still to act behind you are in a...
Playing the game differently/worse than normal is called being on...?
First to act before the flop
The absolute best possible hand at a given moment
To think over a difficult decision
Calling because you perceive you can get extra value out of a hand if you hit your draw is calling for the...
To play a (generally small) pocket pair in order to try and catch trips
Reraising after a raise and one or more calls in front
When a player wins a pot after making a bad call and being way behind their opponent is said to suffer a...
An imaginary phenomenon assigned to a period of 'running bad' for a poker player
Regretting a statistically correct play based on what happened or might have happened in one instance
When two players are all-in and both are roughly 50% to win
A draw that requires two more cards to be completed
A phrase shouted by a player who is all in and vainly hoping to get lucky

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