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Starts with a boy chasing a turkey and ends with a woman looking at a house as the camera pans back
Starts with a long shot of a snowy mountain and ends with a man reading a forged letter aloud
Starts with a spinning globe zooming down to Paris and ends with two men walking into fog
Starts with shots of various fences and a no trespassing sign and ends on a similar shot and view of a house
Starts with some probes dropping out of a large spaceship, ends with an armada of spaceships flying away
Starts with a close up shot of a man talking about his daughter and ends with a door being shut on a woman looking into a room
Starts with the voices of people praying ends with a family standing in front of a Christmas tree singing Auld Lang Syne
Starts with a boy running into a greenhouse and ends with two men on a rooftop and one jumps off
Starts with waves crashing against some rocks and ends with a spinning top on a table
Starts with a scene of a devastated Los Angeles and ends with a woman driving a jeep towards some mountains

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