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Starts with a man walking through a wheat field and ends with a man burying two figurines then the camera pans up to the sunset
Starts with some birds flying around a devastated New York, and ends with a woman handing over a vial of blood as the camera rises over a small town
Starts with 3 men meeting in a town and entering a saloon guns out, and ends with a man shooting at the rope of a hanging man and riding off on his horse
Starts with a shot of army trucks travelling in a mountainous desert, and ends with a man saying the films title at a press conference
Starts with a lecture about the importance of Mathematics and ends with a couple leaving a Nobel award ceremony
Starts with a panning shot of a building down to a stone lion with birds on its head and ends with a ghost flying towards the camera
Starts with a man banging a gong and a woman starts singing and ends with a kissing couple mobbed by children
Starts with a panning shot of a mountain next to water and a close shot of a man's eyes and ends with two men talking about fishing as a male voice choir sings
Starts and ends with a montage of people being greeted at an airport
Starts with a sunrise and a rhino raising its head and ends with a lion cub held aloft

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