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Can you name the film that is being described in a truthful, but misleading way? [Spoiler alert]

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A boy accidentally discovers a message meant for his father’s ex boss and gets embroiled in an adventure involving a prison escape.1977
A woman has an affair with some of her work colleagues in order to advance her career, but falls in love with a new employee who she is unaware is under-age.1988
A man involved in a mugging enrols a woman to make love to his wife when he can no longer do it himself, under his direction.1990
A woman cheats on her fiance, watches her lover die despite freeing him from shackles, then lies about the jewel she steals to investigators.1997
Three men search for the killer of a young child which ends in a massive explosion.1975
A cop foils a heist under the noses of the FBI and kills the mastermind by removing his wife’s watch.1988
A man is reunited with his father after his supposed death, only to discover he was never his father to begin with. He steals a boat to find out the truth.1998
A woman falls in love with the kidnapper of her father and frees his other victims from a lifetime of servitude.1991
A man who finds life intolerable tries and fails to commit suicide, but finds peace after spending many months learning to play the piano in order to woo his work colleague.1993
A poor man falls in love with a wealthy woman, lies about his wealth, and forces her fiance into slavery so he can marry her.1992

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