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A man sent in as a spy by an evil corporation, learns how to fly, falls in love and defects. 2009
The film starts with a rather bungled rescue and ends with a party with ghosts.1983
A father dies at the hands of his brother. His son runs away when his uncle convinces him that he is to blame for the death.1994
A woman working for a banker indirectly causes a run on the bank, and when he is fired she quits and leaves him to it.1964
A man is recruited by army intelligence to seek out his old mentor and prevent him from revealing secrets to the Nazis only to find he is already dead1981
A spurned fan kidnaps his idol after first killing most of his old friends2004
A visiting diplomat to the White House is shot by a nervous soldier who believes the gift he is carrying for the president is a weapon.1951
When his mother is locked up for being mad, the son runs away, only to discover his talent as a stunt performer.1941
A young girl is kidnapped by locals after their cemetery is desecrated by a housing development1982
A man is fired, has a nervous breakdown, leaves his wife and children, goes on a perilous road trip to save a friends child and befriends the kidnappers.1977

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