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QUIZ: How much do you know about British Trivia?

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Surprisingly, UK does not drink the most tea per capita. Which country does?
Fish and chip shops sell pickled onions and what other pickled food that is not a vegetable?
Who is the patron saint of Scotland?
How many grandchildren does the Queen have?
Which music festival takes place in June in Somerset?
Who was the only Prime Minister to be assassinated?
Trifle does not contain mince. But which TV character mistakenly thought it did?
What is the most popular BBC show internationally
How many counties are there in Great Britain?
The Prime Minister's country residence (UK equivalent of Camp David) is called what?
Although England has no official national anthem, what has been used in the Commonwealth Games since 2010?
Guy Fawkes Night is held on what day?
What age do you have to be to be to have an alcoholic drink bought for you?
How many official James Bond actors have been English?

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