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Hitler Becomes Chancellor of Germany
Raid on Dieppe
James Cross Is Kidnapped By FLQ
WW1 Armistice Signed
Montreal Massacre
US Bombs Hiroshima
Quebec Votes 'Non' In Separatist Referendum
Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand & His Wife
Black Tuesday (Stock Market Crash)
On-to-Ottawa Trek (Regina Riot) Ends
Canada Declares War
NAFTA Agreement Is Signed
Official Languages Act Comes Into Effect
NATO Is Formed
Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor & Invades Hong Kong
Soldiers Are Brought In To Resolve Oka Crisis
Battle of the Somme Begins
Citizenship Act of 1946 Comes Into Effect
Battle of Ypres Begins
New Constitution Act Is Signed
Women Are Declared Persons
Winnipeg General Strike Comes To An End
Bill of Rights Is Passed
UN Adopts Declaration of Human Rights
Britain and France Declare War
VE Day (Victory Europe Day)
Canada's New Official Flag Is Unfurled
Germany Surrenders
D-Day Invasion Begins
Hitler Commits Suicide
Germany Launches Blitzkrieg Against Poland
Treaty of Versailles Signed
Allied Ship Collision in Halifax
Trudeau Invokes War Measures Act
Kim Campbell Becomes Prime Minister
NORAD Is Officially Signed

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