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Easily the worst movie of the week, month, year, and Bullock’s entire career. It is to comedy what leprosy once was to the island of Molokai: a plague best contemplated from manyTy Burr, Boston Globe
Abysmal, laugh-free and frequently offensive comedy whose one or two original ideas are completely overshadowed by smutty, puerile gags and a plot that's so insultingly sexist... Matthew Turner, ViewLondon
Setting feminism back at least a century, embarrassing a potential Oscar nominee and insulting the very idea of romance.Tom Long, Detroit News
Whoever thought remaking Fatal Attraction as a PG-13 thriller was a good idea earns much of the blame for this laughably arch dud. Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel
Its script isn't worth the papyrus it's inscribed on.Kyle Smith, NY Post
A 3D ball of energy, but its furry characters are flatly run-of-the-treadmill. Michael Rechtshaffen, Hollywood Review
This unfunny, unoriginal, charmless teen comedy is so stunningly awful from start to finish, it's amazing to think its director has made a single film before, much less a dozen. Joe Neumeier, NY Daily News
There's no sense of affection. No passion, even when they fight. Their dialogue rings hollow. These two aren't believable and their relationship is a black hole. Who cares? James Berardinelli, Reelviews
We have reached a point in our moviegoing life where the two most horrifying words a studio can mutter are 'Robin' and 'Williams.' John Anderson, Washington Post
Yes, there’s pointed human comedy to be mined from the very real stresses of married life, but this bonehead idiots-in- paradise farce raises issues only to gloss them over. Ty Burr, Boston Globe
Color me relieved. There is no need to fear death, even the most horrifying kind of murder. Because the afterlife is exactly like the album cover for a 1970s progressive-rock band.Kyle Smith, NY Post
The movie moves at such an agonizingly stately pace that by the end, side effects be damned, Henry's time-traveling gene starts to look mighty appealing. Joanne Kaufman, Wall Street Journal
Is mediocrity a sin? If it is, then Ron Howard and Tom Hanks should start the novenas now, because they're going to catch holy heck the next time they go to confession. Mike Scott, Times-Picayune
Seems to think that just showing us a bunch of brightly clashing metallic limbs (accompanied by lots of noise) is enough to make us faint in our seats with excitement.Stephanie Zacharek,
There are probably worse ways to go out than being devoured by Fox... but the film squanders all the fun from what could have been a hilarious, gore-filled romp. Adam Graham, Detroit News

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