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QUIZ: Can you name the events which took place in the hobbit - book?

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read the book
The village where Bilbo lived
One of the names of the trolls that Bilbo encountered
The last homely house
The owner of the property
Name of the elvish swords used in the goblin wars
The title of the leader of the goblins of the misty mountains
The dwarf which dropped Bilbo
The creature which encountered Bilbo inside the mountain
The answer in the game of riddles that Bilbo got by accident
The item inside Bilbo's pocket
The creatures that saved the company from being killed by the wargs
The shape that Beorn preferred to morph into
read the book
The home of the wood elves of the north
The companies mode of transport in their exodus of the elven kings palace
the name of the town which helped the dwarfs after
The name of the passage which led to the secret door
One of the armies that fought in the battle of the 5 armies
Another one
And again
Almost there
And thats 5
Name of the king under the mountain
The men of lake towns share in the profits
The name of the dwarf which visited Bilbo along with gandalf

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