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An area of substandard living characterized by squalor
IF two countries share a border, they are going to fight over _______.
_________ is the influx of people into an urban area.
Israel and Palestine are in conflict over a one-state or a ________ solution.
_________ is the Islamic holy site.
What is the largest country in South Asia?
_______ has the highest poverty rate of any Asian or African region.
Hinduism is not monotheistic, but ___________.
What is the holiest river in India?
THe_____ is the Islamic pilgrimage?
How many main Gods are there in Hinduism?
The holy book of Islam
A member of a group of people who move according to the seasons from place to place in search of food, water, and grazing land.
The biggest oil consumer in the world is the...
The middle east is named based on its relative location to ___________
Main religion of India
Main Islamic prophet
________ Muhammad is offensive to Muslims and illegal in predominately Muslim countries.
The capital of Egypt is ....
Big cities in the Middle East are located near ______, because the Middle East is a desert.

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