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54 children with TBI and AAI of 4 years old. Average age at testing = 10 years old. Larger damage = worse performance on attention and planning tasks. No effect of AAI or location 2007
Those born very preterm were 2-3x increased risk of developing ADHD, extremely preterm were 4x more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD.2010
38 children with focal frontal damage. AAI = prenatal-10yrs old. Poor performance across all executive tasks in prenatal lesions. ToL task difficulties in 0-3 years old injury, 4-62007
164 children with focal brain damage. AAI = congenital-2010
7 year old boy with small injury to PF lobe when 3 years old. Disrupted the acquisition of executive and emotional controls over course of three years.1992
18 embryonic days = functional recovery, 1-6 postnatal days = bad functional outcome/ 7-12 postnatal days = functional recovery. 120 postnatal days = partial recovery.2002
Boy with vascular malformation that was removed, damaging the R inferior dorsolateral PFC. AAI was 3 days old. Elevated levels of joy with strangers, more angry when confined, lack2007
33 children with moderate TBI and AAI of six years old. Tested at 12, injury did not predict cognitive performance.2000
Early damage hinders the acquisition of later skills and produces bad long-term outcomes.1940
Meta-analysis of deficits in executive functions. Sel. attention - 26 - decreases after prechool. 2009
Children born preterm evaluated at 8 and 12. 2-3% increase in total brain volume, white matter increases greater than gray matter. Increases in cerebral WM sig less in preterm than2009
Children should benefit from neuroplasticity and have better compensation and long-term outcomes. Earlier injury = better.1936

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