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More than two types of symptoms, also psychomotor poverty and reality distortion1987
PET scans found increase in D2 binding1986
Eye movement tracing in schizophrenics more irregular than in controls2002
Seasonality effect - disproportionately more schizophrenics born in Feb-May1991
Seasonality effect suported in the Northern Hemisphere2002
Seasonality effect could be due to the winter flu1994
Probability of developing schizophrenia 3 times high if you live in a large city2000
Increased incidence of schizophrenia in the Finland Influenza Epidemic, 19571990
Increased incidence in children born to mothers pregnant during the UK Epidemics, 1939 & 19601992
Underweight women are more likely to give birth to children with schizophrenia2001
Higher incidence in children born to mothers who found out husbands were killed in combat in World War 21978
Latent Inhibition is disrupted by Amphetamine and enhanced by antipsychotics1959
Latent Inhibition is abnormal in Schizophrenia1995/1998
Meta-analysis of over 40 studies which found that MZ twins and offspring of schizophrenic parents are at high risk. MZ concordance rate = 35-38%
Adoption study involving 5483 Danish children, 32% of those with schizophrenic biological parents developed schizophrenia1994
Children of older fathers are more at risk of developing schizophrenia2002
About 60% of schizophrenics have no relatives with the disorder2001
Rates of concordance in twins- MZ = 53%, DZ = 15%
Adoption study involving 47 children of schizophrenic mothers. 5 children developed schizophrenia
Study that found linkage between schizophrenia and chromosomes 1 and 11
Found that a drug used to prevent surgical shock also reduced anxiety. This led to the development of chlorpromazine
Meta-analysis of 77 studies found 53% relapse in those who stopped taking antipsychotic drugs, compared to 16% in those who didn't stop1995
Schizophrenic dopaminergic neurons release more DA1997
First researchers to discover Dopamine through animals treated with L-Dopa

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