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Male violence was predicted by Machismo and female violence was predicted by acceptance2005
Very positive self-asteem or narcissism leads to aggression following ego-attack1996
5 risk factors: parental, family risk, cognitive, neurological, behavioural and peer risk factors. Males and females had same parental and family risk factors. Males had more delin1990
Females are more concerned about others when expressing anger1986
Those in the lower SES group showed rise in aggressive behaviour across four years2005
Girls are highly aggressive in preschool if relational aggression is considered2003
Correlates of male and female delinquency were the same in 418 sibling pairs. However levels of impulsivity and deceit were higher in men1995
In women for whom maths identity was important, high testosterone correlated with poorer performance2003
Spicy sauce paradigm - males allocated more hot sauce, females allocated more when they didn't expect to meet the partner2005
132 schools in the US. Low SES correlated with respondents fighting, peers who fight and peers of lower educational involvement2006
Those with lower academic performance offended more frequently, more seriously and more persistently 1996
Low parental affection was associated with elevated risk for antisocial offspring2006
Girls are more likely to comply with prohibition from parent. Could be due to more impulse control or increased fear response.2001
When individual had observed parental violence, males acted more aggressively towards friends whereas females acted more aggressively towards their partners2006
No differences in levels of educational attainment between violent and non-violent offendors1988
Females tend to empathise more with the victim1998
Male testosterone level was 33% lower early postnatal compared to late postnatal2000
Testosterone levels in men increased 15 minutes after the start of erotic films and no change was found for the control humorous film1985
Females are socialised earlier than men and are much more concerned with the impact of their behaviour
Males testosterone level measured after insult/no insult. US southerners had larger increase than other groups1996
Males exposed to a brief conversation with an attractive female had a significant increase in testosterone level2003
Longitudinal study which found that testosterone increases during puberty, yet self reported aggression did not1994
Antagonistic traits, impulsivity related traits and emotional adjustment all predicted antisocial behaviour2001
Problem solving skills can act as a good protective factor in adolescents with emotional disturbance2002
High testosterone levels associated with not marrying, marriage instability, poor marital quality and increased partner violence1990
males involved in a competitive RT task which involved shocks being delivered to a confederate. Positive correlation between testosterone level and aggression1993
Men tend not to anticipante such negative reactions and expect positive outcomes1987
No correlation between testosterone and aggression2004
Trust and excitement seeking correlated with self reported violence1996

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