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Electric mouse and most famous pokemon
 Electric mouse and most famous pokemon
 Also known as the 'creator'
 First pokemon that could evolve at level 1
 Item needed to make poliwhirl evolve into politoed
 First pokemon that evolves with a fire stone
 First pokemon to LEARN a psychic move that deals damage
 Only Johto pokemon to appear in the first movie other than Togepi
 First pokemon with no type disadvantage
 Only pokemon that knows 'Wonder Guard'
 Level that Dragonair evolves into Dragonite
Electric mouse and most famous pokemon
 Jessie and James' arch rivals
 a pokemon used in the Viridian gym against Ash
 First pokemon to appear in a mini-game in Pokemon Stadium
 First pokemon to evolve with a moon stone
 First pokemon that is the same colour as the Thunder Badge
 Pokemon no. 100
 First Johto pokemon to appear in the anime
 Last member of Kanto elite 4 Ash met
 Only other mouse pokemon in Kanto besides Pikachu/Raichu
 Number of attempts Ash had at beating Brandon

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