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Can you name the TG Teachers 2012 Super Quiz!!?

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Got mugged because she tried to make McDonalds out of business
He uses the force to get Mr Dodey in bed with him
Head Toad
French geezer
Absolute total f*cker
Mong mong mong fat bitch mong mong mong
Australian twat
He ressurects people after they have been squashed by a fat pedo (Mr James)
If she fell into the Sea, she would be mistaken for a new island
Blowfish addict (probably **** addict too)
120 year-old pedo
Cumshot champion
Grumpy old f*cker who likes raping children
Shoves bombardment balls up his arse (and his own balls if he has any!)
Likes to give chairs a good kicking and he is the most retarded teacher in existence

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Tags:2012, teacher

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