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What is the landmark that the nestene chooses as base?Rose
What is the blue alien called?The End of the World
Which famous character do the Doctor and Rose meet?The Unquiet Dead
What do the Slitheen use to electrocute people?Aliens of London
Where is the majority of the episode set?World War 3
What is the museum owners name?Dalek
What is the alien's shortened name?The Long Game
What colour does the TARDIS key glow?Father's Day
Who is the time agent?The Empty Child
What reverts the gas mask zombies to their original state?The Doctor Dances
What is the main slitheen's name?Boom Town
What game show does Rose participate in?Bad Wolf
What colour is the truck that Mickey tries to open the heart of the TARDIS with?The Parting of the Ways
What unlikely object ultimately kills the Sycorax leader?The Christmas Invasion
What type of grass was the grass the TARDIS landed on?New Earth
What did Rose try to get the Queen to say?Tooth and Claw
What do the Krillitanes try and get the children to decode?School Reunion
What is Rienette's real name?The Girl in the Fireplace
Who is the man controlling the Cybermen?Rise of the Cybermen
What is the place the group go to at the start of the episode?Age of Steel
What famous event takes place during the episode?The Idiot's Lantern
Which crew member does the Beast posses?The Impossible Planet
What does the Beast say he is?The Satan Pit
What music does Elton listen to throughout the episode?Love & Monsters
What year is the episode set in?Fear Her
Which dead relative comes back to see Rose?Army of Ghosts
Where do they end up when Rose follows The Doctor's voice?Doomsday
What shape is the Racnoss' shipThe Runaway Bride
What colour is the straw that is used to suck up blood?Smith and Jones
What are the witches really called?The Shakespeare Code
How many people need to be travelling in a car to make it onto the fast lane?Gridlock
What animal does Lazlo turn into?Daleks in Manhatten
Which Dalek turns into a hybrid?Evolution of the Daleks
How old is Lazarus?The Lazarus Experiment
What type of ship do The Doctor and Martha find themselves on?42
What year is the episode set?Human Nature
What do the Family use as an army?Family of Blood
What is the store called at the end of the episode?Blink
What does YANA stand for?Utopia
Which actor portrays The Master?The Sound of Drums
What is the Doctor locked in when he is very old?Last of the Time Lords
'My name is ___'Voyage of the Damned
Which companion tracks down The Doctor?Partners in Crime
What is the name of the volcano?The Fires of Pompeii
Why does Donna start to cry?Planet of the Ood
What is the name of the system put into cars?The Sontaran Stratagem
Who saves Wilfred from the gas in the car?The Poison Sky
What do they name The Doctor's daughter?The Doctor's Daughter
How many days does Agatha Christie go missing for?The Unicorn and the Wasp
Where does the TARDIS land?Silence in the Library
What turns out to be the forest?Forest of the Dead
What does the woman do?Midnight
Who gives Donna a message to tell the Doctor?Turn Left
How many planets go missing in total?The Stolen Earth
What does The Doctor pour his regeneration into?Journey's End
What does the other Doctor's TARDIS stand for?The Next Doctor
What is the name of the person who gives The Doctor his warning?Planet of the Dead
What alien turns up at the end of this episode?The Waters of Mars
How many times does The Master knock?The End of Time- part 1
How many companions does The Doctor go to visit before he regenerates?The End of Time- part 2
What is Amy's job?The Eleventh Hour
What part if the Beast does The Doctor and Amy land on?The Beast Below
What is the name given to the Daleks?Victory of the Daleks
What does Amy get stuck in her eye?The Time of Angels
When does River tell the Doctor she will see him again?Flesh and Stone
Who joins the TARDIS?Vampires in Venice
Who is the Dream Lord?Amy's Choice
What is the proper name for the lizard creatures?The Hungry Earth
Who decides to stay behind in the underground base?Cold Blood
What device puzzles Vincent when he travels to the present?Vincent and the Doctor
What drink do we find out the Doctor doesn't like?The Lodger
What does Amy ask Rory if his Roman name is?The Pandorica Opens
What is the name of Amy's dad?The Pandorica Opens
What character does the old man represent?A Christmas Carol
What rises out of the water?The Impossible Astronaut
How do they know if they've seen a creature?Day of the Moon
What colour does the mermaid turn when she gets angry?The Curse of the Black Spot
What colour are the Ood's eyes?The Doctor's Wife
What natural disaster is the TARDIS caught in?The Almost People
How can you tell the two Doctor's apart?The Rebel Flesh
What do you war over your eyes to remember The Silence?A Good Man Goes to War
What does Rory lock Hitler in?Let's Kill Hitler
When does The Doctor say he might pop back?Night Terror
What button does Amy press at the start?The Girl who Waited
What do the Minotaur's victims think before they die?The God Complex
Which comedian plays Craig?Closing Time
Who reveals 'the question that must never be answered?'The Wedding of River Song
When will season 7 air?N/A
What is the actor's name of the new companion?N/A
An enemy that has been confirmed will returnN/A
An enemy that has been confirmed will returnN/A
An enemy that has been confirmed will returnN/A
An enemy that has been confirmed will returnN/A
What is the theme of the third episode going to be?N/A
How many episodes will Amy and Rory be in?N/A
What is the new companions name rumoured to be?N/A
How many episodes are in series 7 altogether?N/A
Who is the director of series 7?N/A
When do the last 8 episodes of series 7 air?N/A
What is significant about the year 2013 for Doctor WhoN/A

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