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___% of the suns rays are absorbed by the ozone layer.
25% of the suns rays are scattered by
50% is absorbed by the ______
This percent is scattered by earth's surface.
the sun is responsible for fossil fuel, hydro power, wind power and _______
the ground gets heated by sun, ground heats the air around it.
a never ending cycle where hot air rises, cold air sinks.
What is one way of measuring wavelength?
ampitude is how much ____ a wave train has.
This type of wave carries energy perpendicular to the wave's velocity.
Waves that carry energy parallel to the wave's velocity are called longiditudinal or ______.
_____ waves are an example of both waves.
a ____ is a unit for frequencey, or how many waves go by a given point in a second.
One full wave is a ____ and a _____
If I have five crests and five troughs in a wave train, how many waves are there.
The ____ line is where there is no energy at all.

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