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Predecessor to the Constitution
First State
Declared War against this country in 1812
7th President, General at New Orleans
First state to secede
Declared War against this country in 1846
President during the Civil War
Massachusetts uprising in 1786-1787
Period after the Civil War
The 13th Amendment banned...
3rd President
Articles and Essays written by Madison, Hamilton, and Jay
4th President
First Secretary of the Treasury, Killed in a Duel
Former Vice President, charged with treason in 1807
Unsuccessfully sued for his freedom
Foreign Policy regarding European colonization
The anti-federalist insisted on having one of these
1st President
Assassinated in 1881
First Vice President to become President, after the death of an incumbent
12th President, former General
Union General, 18th President
Building Burned in 1814
Wrote the Star Spangled Banner in 1814
Where Robert E. Lee Surrendered in 1865
Deadliest battle of the Civil War
Purchased from France in 1803
Compromise at the Constitutional Convention regarding large and small states
First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

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