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Bio of Ronald Reagan from A to Z

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Profession before being GovernorA
Vice PresidentB
Was Governor of this StateC
Foreign Policy reversed by ReaganD
Alma MaterE
Challenged this incumbent President in 1976F
Told this man to 'Tear Down This Wall'G
Shot by him in 1981H
Summit in this country halfway between Washington and MoscowI
Defeated him in 1980J
Earned the nickname 'The Gipper' in this filmK
Ordered the bombing of this country in 1986L
This was the only state he lost in 1984M
First Lady's First NameN
Opened these in 1984O
Foreign Policy SloganP
Starred in the film Cattle ? of MontanaQ
Political Party after 1962R
Called this country an Evil EmpireS
Considered his political soul mate from the UKT
Code named invasion of Grenada in 1983U
1939 Film 'Dark ?'V
Defeated him in 1984W
One of these showed the assassin's bullet behind his heartX
'... My opponent's ? and inexperience'Y
Considered an anti-communist this by some Central AmericansZ

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