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Forced Order
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That's fighting smart sir. Don't get me wrong I give him a fair wage... if he lives.
You gotta learn to recognize when life is bigger than you are. You’re not a fighter but that’s okay
Tell him about the guy from the future.
A do-over. I like that.
You start talking about capes and tights and I’m out of here.
You are saved—for now.
Clown college.
I don't get to fly very often, you know. Especially not first class.
We need to jump start the real Sylar. Wake the sleeping lion.
There's no such thing as out. Not for people like us.
It's totally unprofessional, not to mention petty
No way... I scare me. You do it.
Now you can't have any of my pot pie.
Didn't I throw you out a window?
My clock
It's what Americans eat when they want to commit suicide slowly.
That's because you're crazy. I'd hang up on you too, if I could.
Which part was an accident? The rape or the murder?
Maybe I'll wipe out the city like an atomic bomb!
I ain't wearing no tights. You can wear tights, I ain't wearing no tights.
Means you're a pain in my ass, mate.
People are fragile. Like teacups.
After Sylar exploded, the world became a very dark place.
I can't tell you how proud I am.
Meaning are you one of them? Or one of the others?
no one's ever called me a hero before.
And you know everything about daddy issues?
You do realize what'll happen to us if you tell everyone what we can do.

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