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Can you name the Springsteen song by place mentioned in it?

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PlaceSong Title
Saigon, Seabrook TX, Gulf of Mexico, Quang Tri, Chu Lai
a flat black highway down in Carolina
Highway 29, Sierra Madres
Bluebird Street
James St
Los Angeles
Baltimore, Kingstown
Highway 31
San Diego, 12 Street Strip
Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Pyramids, Sistine Chapel
Linden Town
West Texas
New Jersey Turnpike
Shawnee Lake, Oil patch in south Texas, Calverton
Alvarado St.
Utah desert, Waynesboro County
Out on 95, Florida, Charlotte County
53rd Street
Chicago, New Orleans, SuperDome
Harlem, Broadway
PlaceSong Title
swamps of Jersey, Meadowlands
Abram's Bridge
Bleecker Street
Madison Ave
St. Mary's Gate, Breaker's Point
Lincoln, Wyoming badlands
Cavalry Hill, Maryland, Birmingham, San Pablo
The road to Basra, Oklahoma, East Compton
Rio Bravo
Mexico, California, San Joaquin
Hollywood Hills
Michigan Ave
Eldridge Ave
Highway 40
Highway 9
Red Sea
Woods of Caroline, Wisconsin
Perrineville, Michigan County, Canadian Border
Arkansas, Mexico
PlaceSong Title
Road from Monroe to Angeline
Intersection of A and 12th
Route 39
Some small Ohio town, Nebraska
San Diego, Guanajuato, Tijuana, Sonora
The Everglades, Harlem, Broadway
Cavalry Hill, Nazareth, Gethsemane
Oklahoma range, Great Plains, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
Khe Sahn, Saigon
Ellis Island
Harvard, Scotland Yard
Swamps of Jersey, San Diego
8th Avenue, New Jersey, the Bronx
Yellow Creek, Monongahela valley, Korea, Vietnam, the Mesabi iron range, coal mines of Appalachia
Broadway, Manhattan
New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Ponchatoula, Lafayette
Sacramento, Firebaugh, Marysville, plains of Texas, Pennsylvania, East Texas, New Mexico, Colorado

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