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Forced Order
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Tequila is the last thing he tastes
Is disappointed to hear that Melville's Billy Budd has a homoerotic subtext
Regrets the fact that his life has no 'arc'
Poses for a photo with a comically large pair of pants
Gets in trouble over an Albanian mistress
Is upset at the finery his father is buried in
Likes to repeat his jokes to make sure they're been noticed
Dies on the toilet
Is interested in existentialism but can't pronounce Nietzsche or Yeats
Quotes Gladiator, and occasionally tries to act it out
Finds 'Rubenesque' what other men find just fat
Still smarts at how they mocked his mentally handicapped brother
Attracts, or so it seems, a same-sex tennis instructor
Has a dream involving the music from Wizard of Oz
Has asthma when a leadership role is forced on him
Has a run-in with Tony in a parking garage
One of the characters who dies by hanging; we see this one
Dies in the bathtub
Is attacked with a staple gun
Explains Maslow's hierarchy of human needs to an aspiring screenwriter
An investment in alcohol goes badly
Praises Hillary Clinton for making the most out of a philandering husband
Had a semester and a half at Seton Hall, so he understands Freud
Freaks out at a scatalogical homeless person sight
Comes from a bleak factory town in central Asia
Discovers Yoga in prison
Toys with the idea of working on an independent film in Europe
Evidently forgot that Carmela wasn't a big Renee Zellwegger fan
Is beaten with a belt
Punches his Korean financier
'Loses his cherry,' non-sexually, in Canada
Takes over an auto body shop
Witnesses an act of fellatio; wishes he hadn't
Gets chided at the dinner table for telling a salty story about the Navy
Shares a paramour with JFK
Walks portentously to the bathroom, ultimate intent unclear
Resents the renaming of his family at Ellis Island
Has lived on an ashram
Takes her lover to the zoo
Hears a strange story about John Gotti on the golf course
Thinks, at bottom, that it's all a big nothing
Tries to pawn an entertainment award
Contemplates a countersuit over illegal hip hop sampling
Suggests that someone should rob the winner of survivor at gunpoint: 'Here, survive this!'
Gambles away a sporting goods store
Dated Tony in high school (and is not Carmela)
Can only play very short words in scrabble

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