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GPSused to relay navigation to the user
OSthe base graphical user interface of a mobile device
CSDOriginal form of data transmission
EV-DOutilizes CDMA and TDMA to maximize users output
EDGEpacket based wireless communication service
NFCan intimate communication protocol between only 2 devices
UMTSpacket based transmission of text, voice, video, and multimedia
TDMa technique for transmitting two or more signals over the same line
3GThird generation of wireless technology
GPRSA packet based wireless communication service
HSUPAenhanced mobile telephony communications protocol
2GSecond generation of wireless technology
4GFourth generation of wireless technology
VOLTEa telecommunication method that transmits voice and text over data connections
AWSA particular set of bands that utilize one band for upload and a different band for download
HSPAtechnical standard for wireless and broadband tellecommunication
HSDPAenhanced mobile telephony communications protocol
GSMdigital mobile telephony system widely used throughout the world
CDMAseveral transmitters can send information simultaneously over a single communication channel
LTE4th generation of high speed data transmission for mobile devices

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