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CluePokemon Related ItemLetter
The most powerful pokemon and the creator of the worldA
Professor who helps the hero out in Littleroot town in the Hoenn regionB
Dragon gym leader of the Johto region in Blackthorn CityC
Ash's companion in the Sinnoh region and your rival if you are a boyD
A psychic pokemon from Unova named the Cerebral pokemon and is based off an alienE
A powerful fire type move that is based on a modern weaponF
An average ball used to capture pokemon around level 20-30G
CluePokemon Related ItemLetter
A super powered normal move that needs recharging after useH
Home of the elite four and champion in the Kanto and Johto regionsI
Professor in the Unova region located in Nuvema townJ
Strong Water/Dragon pokemon in Johto based off a seahorseK
Item that evolves certain grass type pokemon such as exeggcuteL
Electric pokemon from Hoenn that is the starter pokemon in the first pokemon rangerM
Normal Gym Leader in Hoenn who is the hero's fatherN
CluePokemon Related ItemLetter
Dragon type move that attacks in consecutive turns, resulting in the user becoming confusedO
Ash's home town in Kanto, as well as the hero's in the game seriesP
A Water/Poison pokemon in Johto based off a pufferfishQ
A Ground/Rock pokemon in the Kanto region credited with being the first pokemon createdR
Grass Pokemon in Johto credited with being the weakest pokemon according to base statsS
Head of the Battle Factory in Sinnoh that has different pokemon every time you battle himT
Small beach town in Unova where you can battle Cynthia and the RichesU
CluePokemon Related ItemLetter
Fire/Psychic pokemon in Unova known as the victory pokemon V
Water pokemon gym leader and champion in the Hoenn region adored by many girls in the animeW
An item used in battle used to temporarily raise the attack stat of the pokemonX
Normal move causing the enemy to be drowsy and fall asleep at the end of the next turnY
Hoenn normal pokemon whose archenemy is seviperZ

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