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Can you name the alliterative pairs from A to Z?

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HintPairStarting Letter
An egotistical mammalA
Pungent grill foodB
A dog that doesn't eat anything but meatC
An extremely hard illusionD
A graceful fairytale characterE
A scared companionF
An excessively showy place where cars are keptG
A scary family lineageH
A peaceful poem that is not very pertinent or applicableI
A happy punJ
A small cat that is well groomedK
A lengthy record of thingsL
A gathering everyone must come toM
HintPairStarting Letter
A mean lizardN
A normal gemstoneO
A spoiled baby dogP
A peaceful blanketQ
A puzzle in which words end with like soundsR
Your emotional male childS
A dirty drying clothT
A bad looking rain shieldU
A poisonous snakeV
A frail large sea animalW
A yellow percussion instrumentX
Delicious pudding-like milk productY
A crazy striped animalZ

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