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'Taste the rainbow'
'Protect this house'
'Just do it.'
'The perfect beer for whatever happens'
'Tastes great, less filling'
'You're not you when you're hungry'
'America's most watched network'
'We know drama'
'Football lives here'
'The world needs more winners'
'Not reality, actuality'
'More colorful'
'Very funny'
'Quality you can taste'
'Be your way'
'Where the food's the star'
'Sea food differently'
'When you're here, you're family'
'Louisiana fast!'
'Today tastes so good'
'Slicing up freshness!'
'Pizza! Pizza!'
'I'm lovin' it'
'Eat fresh'
'World's greatest hamburgers'
'Better ingredients, better pizza'
'Make it great'
'See you tomorrow'
'It's always fresh in the Outback'
'It's Bo time'
'In here, it's always Fridays'
'Inspired performance'
'Precision crafted performance'
'The ultimate driving machine'
'Das auto'
'The power to surprise'
'Find new roads'
'Go further'
'The power of dreams'
'Truth in engineering'
'The pursuit of perfection'
'Imported from Detroit'
'We are professional grade'
'The best, or nothing'
'Innovation that excites'
'Let's go places'
'What do you drive?'
'Mobilizing your world'
'America's largest and most reliable network'
'America's largest 4G network'
'Quietly brilliant'
'Lets build a smarter planet'
'That was easy'
'Save money, live better'
'Open happiness'
'Drink it to believe it'
'They're magically delicious'
'They're grrrreat!
'Follow your nose, for the fruity taste that shows'
'The power to do more'
'Make. Believe'
'Where dreams come true'
'More flags, more fun'
'Find your beach'
'Wings, beer, sports'
'Stay thirsty my friends'
'Life's good'
'Turn on tommorow'
'More saving, more doing'
'Never stop improving'
'Quality is our recipe'
'What will you gain, when you lose?'
'Imagination at work'
'Ideas for life'
'The new American is arriving'
'Better ingredients, better pizza'
'Don't just watch TV, direct TV'
'Enjoy better'
'If it matters to you, it matters to us'
'Keep climbing'
'LIFE, is a special occasion'
'Eat mor chikin'
'More life happens here'
'...and you're done'
'Make it matter'
'Connecting people'
'Come hungry, leave happy'
'Take care'
'The magic of _____'
'Expect more, pay less'
'The few, the proud, the ________'
*BONUS*-'Hot. Cool. Yours.'

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