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Wedding DescriptionMovie
Diabetic young woman has pink wedding. MOB and group of friends get their hair done and gossip.
Wedding planner who falls for her client.
Bridal party member who falls in love with the bride.
Singer and waitress who are both engaged to be married, but to the wrong people.
When a woman's best friend tells her he's engaged, she realizes she loves him and sets out to get him only days before the wedding.
Two best friends become rivals when they schedule their weddings on the same day.
Two men invite themselves to wedding receptions in hopes of acquiring overnight guests until one falls in love with his guest.
Her sister's wedding preparations overshadow her birthday celebrations.
Girl falls through a drain hole and in love with a man.
Father of seven children who becomes engaged to the wrong person. At the wedding he realizes who he loves.
Two English sisters fall in love with men who can give them have happily ever afters.
Number 2 daughter marries far above her social standing.
Brothers kidnap women to marry.
Tennis shoes salesman's daughter and her mother plan wedding, father supplies checkbook.
'Princess' who is being forced into a marriage, runs away with her 'one true love'.
Oldest of four daughters marries tailor, breaking traditions.
A woman leaves a convent to become a governess to the seven children of a widower.
Wedding DescriptionMovie
A Southern woman runs away from the south and her husband to reinvent herself in New York City.
An ethnic woman with a unibrow falls in love with a non-ethnic man and struggles to get her family to accept him.
A naval officer with 7 kids marries a widow who also has seven kids and have one together.
A terminally ill girl has her dream wedding just prior to her death.
A token taker saves man from the L and falls for his brother.
Beautiful princess and ogre fall in love.
Young girl who waits hand and foot on her step-sisters gets invited to a ball.
Always a bridesmaid never a bride.
To avoid deportation, a boss blackmails her assistant into marriage.
Woman with commitment issues falls in love with a reporter.
Two con artists plan a fake wedding and accidentally fall in love.
Two spotted dogs and their masters marry.
Two identical girls scheme to get father and social worker to fall in love.
Group of NYC friends help plan wedding to Mr. Big.
Teenager with a thirst for blood falls in love with normal high school girl.
Groom's mom plots to sabotage the wedding.
Man applies to escort ad and ends up falling for his date.

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