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Can you name the Harry Potter things beginning with each letter ?

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Sirius Black, Minerva McGonagall, Rita Skeeter,Peter Pettigrew, James PotterA
Turns Into Your Worst NightmareB
Hermione's PetC
Viktor Krum's SchoolD
One of the Deathly HallowsE
Justin's SurnameF
Diadem, Harry, Locket, Ring, Nagini, Diary, CupH
Gift Given to Harry at ChristmasI
Best Author in the WorldJ
Headmaster at Krum's SchoolK
Spell Producing Light From The Tip Of The User's WandL
Tom Riddle's Middle NameM
Draco Malfoy's MotherN
Wand MakerO
One of Dumbledore's Middle NamesP
Lovegood's NewspaperQ
Ravenclaw's First NameR
Old Potions TeacherS
Lupin's WifeT
Avada Kadavra, Cruciatus, ImperioU
Girl Who Tries To Get Harry To Go Out With HerV
Levitation SpellW
Luna's FatherX
Member of the Slug ClubZ

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