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Email with no purpose, usually advertisement for a product or newsletter
Scams in which emails are sent with the intent of tricking people into transferring money over to the sender
Chain letter based emails which either send warnings of fake viruses or lead to viruses entering the computer
A piece of software which can enter a computer, latch onto a program and reproduces, attaching to other programs and eating them away
Software that replicates itself by feeding off of holes in a security system
Is set to activate after a set amount of time, after which it overloads your RAM and fries it
Code which is activated by an event and then 'detonates' and destroys the computer, possibly by clearing the hard drive
A program which pretends to be something but damages your computer when opened
Using fake emails and websites to take account information for identity theft
An ad for a product, service, or website that emerges on your internet browser
A program installed secretly onto a computer that is used to collect information such as passwords
Programming that can be used to detect and remove viruses
Don't open suspicious emails, avoid clicking on links you don't trust, don't accept 'prizes' from ads

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