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My first transmission was broken while loading, I stand for the history of modern day coding.
There are no castles in this land, but the way opens with the palm of your hand.
With bronze and metal I roar, Donated by alumni in 1984.
An unusual cascade defines me, Students avoid me until they graduate with certainty.
Homer Simpson has one of these on his resume, In 1984 Charles E. Young drove this away.
Two brothers owned most of what UC, They are also the part of the name chosen for me.
The very first structure at UCLA, my arches and base are hidden today.
I share my name with a law inconveniently, But here you'll find the chancellor and student registry.
High for computing but only trailer's height tall Placed in 2011, I exist humbly near a hall.
Built in 1929 for the undergraduate bears, I house many fibers but none to wear.

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