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Forced Order
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'Have Some Death!'
'Time To Tip The Scales!'
'Anything Can Change!'
'Ergh! Rage!'
'Do You Like Darkness?'
'I Say When It Ends!'
'This Is Your Last Dance!'
'I Make Deep Cuts!'
'Pick A God And Pray!'
'This One Might Hurt!'
'To Hell With You!'
'Shall I Make You Famous?'
'You Are So Dead!'
'Just You And Me!'
'Rebarbative Fool!'
'Here Goes!'
'It's My Big Moment!'
'How 'Bout This?'
'No Hard Feelings'
'Say Goodnight!'
'And So It Ends!'
'So Long Sucker!'
'Don't Want To Get Along, Eh?'
'Now You've Angered Me!'
'Go In Peace!'
'I Can Fight To!'
'Rest In Pieces!'
'This Might Get Unpleasant!'
'Don't Try This At Home!'
'Bye Now'
'I'd Pray If I Were You!'
'Game Over!'
'I'm Gonna End You!'
'Beg For Your Life!'
'Okay, You Got This'
'Ha! I'm Not Scared Of You!'
'Stand Up And Fight!'
'Down You Go!'
'This Is The End!'

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