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summons object
produces water
unlocking spell
killing curse (unforgivable)
causes small explosion
causes anything it meets to explode in flames
confusion charm
torture curse (unforgivable)
causes the teeth of the recipient to grow alarmingly large
heals minor injuries
conjures an incarnation of the casters intermost positive feelings
disarms opponent
turns animals into water goblets
causes an unstoppable cursed fire whose flames take the shape of fantastic creatures and can also destroy horcruxes
creates duplicates
causes steps to flatten or turn into a slide
causes the victium to do the caster's bidding (unforgivible)
water repelling charm
glues the victims tongue to the roof of his/her mouth
allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim
dangles victim upside-down
creates a narrow beam of light
conjures the dark mark
hides memory of particular event
used to temporarily bind the victims body
sheild charm
makes objects smaller
repairs broken or damaged objects
tickling charm
boggart banishing charm
violently wounds the target
conjures a serpent
puts the victim in an unconscious state
makes the victim dance
levitates object

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