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Clue:Film Title:Year:
Ape in Manhattan1933
Gable & Colbert1934
Bligh V. Christian1935
Man of the Follies1936
Bio pic1937
Tracy & Rooney1938
Scarlett O'Hara1939
Chaplin classic1940
Mining town1941
Garson wartime drama1942
Rick's Place1943
Bergman & Boyer1944
Ray Milland intoxicated1945
James Stewart X'mas classic1946
Reporter explores anti-Semitism1947
Olivier takes on the bard1948
Title was from Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme1949
Anne Baxter film1950
De Mille circus1952
Western weepie1953
Violence & corruption & Brando1954
James Dean breakthrough film1955
Phileas Fogg1956
Alec Guinness wartime drama1957
Woman on death row1958
Wyler directs Heston1959
Infamous shower scene1960
Clue:Film Title:Year:
Romeo & Juliet musical adaptation in New York streets1961
David Lean epic1962
Queen of the Nile1963
Eliza Doolittle1964
The Von Trapps1965
Sir Thomas More1966
Mrs Robinson1967
Fanny Brice1968
Anne Boleyn1969
'Love means never having to say you're sorry'1970
'Popeye' Doyle1971
The Corleone Family1972
Streisand & Redford1973
More of the Corleone saga1974
'Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...'1975
Mad as hell1976
'May the force be with you...'1977
Turkish prison escape1978
Hoffman Vs Streep1979
Sad story of John Merrick1980
Indiana Jones 1981
Jessica Lange portrays an actress1982
Streisand - the yeshiva boy1983
Classical composer1984
Spielberg screen version of Alice Walker novel1985
Jesuit missionaries in South America1986
Donald Woods exits South Africa1987
Glenn Close & John Malkovich in France1988
Clue:Film Title:Year:
'Seize the day!'1989
Von Bulow case1990
Irish soul cover band1991
IRA - themed thriller / drama1992
Lawyer with AIDS1993
Underrated Australian film about a father and his gay son1994
Ian McKellen in modern version of Shakespearean play1995
Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice musical on screen1996
Ship disaster 19121997
Italian comedy / drama set in WWII1998
Kevin Spacey & Annette Bening directed by Sam Mendes1999
Maximus from Australia2000
Mathematical genius with mental health issues2001
Musician and the Holocaust2002
Comedy revolving around a gay son wanting to come out2003
Don Cheadle amid tragedy2004
Cowboys in love2005
Judi Dench & Cate Blanchett2006
Indian quiz winner2008
Gabourey Sidibe in lead role 2009
George VI 2010
Political drama2011
Do You Hear the People Sing?2012
Adrift in space2013
Miners & gays2014
Part VII2015

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