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Sing-a-long floor show led by Iago and Zazu.Magic Kingdom - Adventureland
Hop aboard - watch out for the spitting camels!Magic Kingdom - Adventureland
Dead men tell no tales - not on these seas.Magic Kingdom - Adventureland
Smash though a barn while in an airplane.Magic Kingdom - Mickey's Toontown Fair
Careen through a collapsing cave in a mine car.Magic Kingdom - Frontierland
Brace yourself for this 52-foot drop from your 'laughing place.'Magic Kingdom - Frontierland
Encounter 999 happy haunts.Magic Kingdom - Frontierland
Soar through the galaxy on this high-speed rollercoaster.Magic Kingdom - Tomorrowland
You'll approach Space Mountain on this tame attraction.Magic Kingdom - Tomorrowland
Conquer Zurg in this interactive adventure.Magic Kingdom - Tomorrowland
Meet everyone's favorite finny friend in her abode.Magic Kingdom - Fantasyland
Soar over London - but look out for pirates!Magic Kingdom - Fantasyland
Just about every country is represented in this musical dark ride.Magic Kingdom - Fantasyland
Don't be late to your very merry unbirthday party!Magic Kingdom - Fantasyland
Lucky Number 13 is waiting for you.Disney's Hollywood Studios
If you think this ride is a piece of cake - Dream On!Disney's Hollywood Studios
Lights, water, action! And don't forget your favorite Disney films.Disney's Hollywood Studios
You're sure to see special effects galore on this tram-and-tour.Disney's Hollywood Studios
If you get hijacked by a gangster, don't be alarmed.Disney's Hollywood Studios
Symbol of the park, with an attraction built in.Epcot - Future World
Cruise the EAC with this friendly character in an interactive show.Epcot - Future World
See the world from new heights.Epcot - Future World
The fastest coaster in Disney World.Epcot - Future World
Join the Vikings for an adventure on the seas.Epcot - World Showcase
Once you get to the top - beware, you'll shoot backwards in pitch darkness.Animal Kingdom
You're guaranteed to get wet, if not drenched, on this attraction.Animal Kingdom
'They're not gonna make it! They're not gonna make it!'Animal Kingdom
This attraction splits into two unique queues before loading guests on.Animal Kingdom
If you thought you saw an elephant - you were probably right.Animal Kingdom
A walk-through tour of Asia's most elusive species.Animal Kingdom

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