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1931Humphrey Bogart
1931Zasu Pitts
1931Mae Clarke
1932Frank Albertson
1932Walter Byron
1932Pat O'Brien
1932George Arliss
1932Barbara Stanwyck
1932George Brent
1932Warren William
1932Richard Barthelmess
1932Joan Blondell
1932Spencer Tracy
1933Douglas Fairbanks
1933George Arliss
1933Pat O'Brien
1933Claire Dodd
1934Charles Farrell
1934William Powell
1934James Cagney
1934Margaret Lindsay
1934Leslie Howard
1934George Brent
1935Margaret Lindsay
1935Ian Hunter
1935George Brent
1935George Brent
1935Margaret Lindsay
1936Leslie Howard
1936George Brent
1936Warren William
1937Humphrey Bogart
1937Humphrey Bogart
1937Henry Fonda
1937Leslie Howard
1938Henry Fonda
1938Errol Flynn
1939George Brent
1939Claude Rains
1939Miriam Hopkins
1939Errol Flynn
1940Charles Boyer
1940Herbert Marshall
1941George Brent
1941James Cagney
1941Herbert Marshall
1942Monty Woolley
1942Olivia de Havilland
1942Paul Henreid
1943Geraldine Fitzgerald
1943Humphrey Bogart
1943Miriam Hopkins
1944Claude Rains
1944Joan Crawford
1945John Dall
1946Glenn Ford
1946Paul Henreid
1948Janis Paige
1948Robert Montgomery
1949Joseph Cotten
1950Marilyn Monroe
1951Barry Sullivan
1952Gary Merrill
1952Gary Merrill
1952Natalie Wood
1955Joan Collins
1956Debbie Reynolds
1956Kim Hunter
1959Robert Stack
1959Alec Guinness
1961Glenn Ford
1962Joan Crawford
1963Horst Buchholz
1964Peter Lawford,
1964Susan Hayward
1964Olivia de Havilland
1965Wendy Craig
1968Sheila Hancock
1970Michael Redgrave
1971Ernest Borgnine
1972Joan Van Ark
1972Joseph Cotten
1972Robert Wagner
1973Ted Bessell
1976Karen Black
1976Faye Dunaway
1978Christopher Lee
1978Mia Farrow
1978Anthony Quinn
1978Rosanna Arquette
1979Gena Rowlands
1980Kyle Richards
1980Eileen Heckart
1980Howard Hesseman
1981Ashley Hyman
1982Chris Guest
1982Angela Landsbury
1983James Stewart
1985Helen Hayes
1986Jamie Lee Curtis
1987Lillian Gish
1989Barbara Carrera

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