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Can you name the words, phrases, and names that begin with 'DR'?

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ClueDR Answer
Lacking color; boring
The final run-through of a play or opera
Solid form of carbon dioxide that produces artificial fog
Dogs and basketball players are known to do this
A student who fails to graduate
The lower half of a chicken leg
To soak something
Greek currency before the Euro
I made it out of clay!
Gloomy and depressing
This group of synchronized girls can be found in school assemblies and parades
To talk in a boring voice; a type of bee
Inebriated or tipsy
A heavily armed battleship
This Slytherin kid is a jerk
Describes soap operas and teenage girls
An 'illegal substance'
To do dull and laborious tasks
ClueDR Answer
A disadvantage or weakness
If all else fails, one must take _______ measures
Examples: Smaug, Puff, Bahamut
You may do this while asleep
An area experiences this if the weather is dry for too long
Canadian rapper with hits such as 'Best I Ever Had'
This lethargic cartoon dog could use a hug
A method for kicking a football and an illegal wrestling move
An ancient Celtic priest featured in many MMORPGs
To cover something with fabric
A hairstyle that was popularized by Rastafarians
German state capital that was almost destroyed during WWII
A song by Uncle Kracker, '_____ Away'
Light rain
Able to make something happen, the '_______ force'
This man doesn't look like a man... (RuPaul, for instance)
Describes something that's oddly amusing
A pipe that carries sewage or water away from some place

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